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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
56713 Stock Assistant MoPoTsyo Patient Information Centre 27-Jul-2016  Assistant, Business Administration  
56712 Program Assistant Cambodian Disabled Peoples Organization (CDPO) 31-Jul-2016  Community Development, Monitoring & Evaluation  
56697 Program Advisor MEDIA One 5-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Community Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Communications  
56690 Women’s Empowerment Project Coordinator WaterSHED-Cambodia 1-Aug-2016  Community Development, Capacity development  
56688 Education Director SOS Children's Villages of Cambodia 22-Aug-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management  
56681 Project Assistant PH-Japan Foundation (PHJ)   Community Development  
56676 M&E Officer Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC) 31-Jul-2016  Agriculture, Execute. / Management  
56671 Business and Peace Program Coordinator (Yangon, Myanmar) American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) 28-Jul-2016  Business Administration  
56666 Field Facilitator, Saving for Change Project, and Volunteer of Legal Officer Coalition of Cambodia Apparel Workers Democratic Union (C.CAWDU) 21-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Law  
56443 Admin and Account Assistant Volunteer Peace and Development Aid Organization (PDAO) 29-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Volunteer  
56653 Various Positions Plan International Cambodia 4-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Consultancy, Execute. / Management, Business Administration  
56652 Various Positions Passerelles numeriques Cambodia 30-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Computer - General, Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Communications, Volunteer, Internship  
56651 Project Staff Community Capacities for Development (CCD) 5-Aug-2016  Rural development, Community Development, Economics  
56638 ទីប្រឹក្សាសហគមន៍ (Community Advisor) ឯកទេសអាហារូបត្ថម្ភ និងកិច្ចការស្រី, និង​ ទីប្រឹក្សាសហគមន៍ (Community Advisor) Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC) 31-Jul-2016  Agriculture, Rural development  
56634 Team Leader Assistant, Team Leader Assistant, and Finance and Administration Assistant My Village (MVI) 26-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Execute. / Management  
56624 Programme Coordinator, សន្តិសុខការិយាល័យ, និង​ អ្នកសម្អាតការិយាល័យ Community Capacities for Development (CCD) 31-Jul-2016  Execute. / Management, Security, Other, Communications  
56605 Project Coordinator Krousar Yoeung (KrY) 9-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Business Administration  
56603 ចុងភៅ និងជំនួយការ STAR Kampuchea 18-Aug-2016  Assistant, Home Help/Labour, Hotel/Restaurant, Other  
56600 ភ្នាក់ងារឥណទាន, និង​ ជំនួយការរដ្ឋបាល & គណនេយ្យ
Mongkol Development Association 13-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, Community Development  
56599 Preschool Teacher, and Primary School Teacher Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) 19-Aug-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching  
56595 Social Work New Smile Organization 15-Aug-2016  Community Development, Social Work  
56594 Project Coordinator Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) 29-Jul-2016  Execute. / Management, Other, Business Administration, Law  
56590 Provincial Sub-Programme Management Advisor, and Consultant for Development of Extension Materials Training Course UNOPS 31-Jul-2016  Agriculture, Consultancy, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Economics, Advisory  
56581 Admin Assistant Cambodia REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat 31-Jul-2016  Assistant, Business Administration  
56578 Various Positions Kampuchean Action for Primary Education 4-Aug-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching  
56574 Sous Chef, Cooking Teacher, and Service Teacher Mith Samlanh 18-Aug-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Hotel/Restaurant  
56573 Project Assistant Building Community Voices (BCV) 8-Aug-2016  Community Development  
56570 Community Facilitator, and District Officer WATHNAKPHEAP (WP) 29-Jul-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Research / Development, Social Work, Resources & Environment  
56567 Social Media Manager New Union (Cambodia) Capital Pte Ltd 18-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Other  
56561 Project Assistant (PA) Mlup Baitong 29-Jul-2016  Admin / Supervisory, Educate/Train/Teaching, Business Administration, Advocacy, Resources & Environment  
56560 សេចក្តីប្រកាសស្វែងរកអ្នកផ្គត់ផ្គង់ Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) 28-Jul-2016  Invitation for Bids  
56549 Logistics Coordinator and Logistics Assistant Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) 28-Jul-2016  Assistant, Driving/Transport  
56546 Various Positions Khmer Youth Association (KYA) 26-Jul-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Health/Medical, Other, Resources & Environment  
56543 Driver/Messenger Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) 29-Jul-2016  Driving/Transport  
56538 ផ្នែកឥណទាន UNID 15-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Sales / Marketing  
56536 Community Development Project Manager, and Sponsorship Service Facilitator Good Neighbors Cambodia 29-Jul-2016  Execute. / Management, Research / Development, Social Work  
56527 Professeur Toutes a l’ecole 29-Jul-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching  
56524 Gender Project Officer (PO) Northeastern Rural Development Organization (NRD) 8-Aug-2016  Agriculture, Research / Development, Business Administration, Community Development, Resources & Environment  
56522 External Consultant on Capacity Building Needs Assessment and Training Manual Development Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) 24-Jul-2016  Consultancy, Other, Economics  
56508 Community Health System Strengthening Coordinator (CSSC) Cambodian Health Committee (CHC) 26-Jul-2016  Health/Medical  
56504 Finance Assistant WaterSHED-Cambodia 14-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Assistant  
56502 Project Officer
STAR Kampuchea 25-Jul-2016  Execute. / Management, Other, Law, Rural development  
56486 Teacher of English Volunteer Cambodia Youth’s Capacity Assessment Organization (CCA)   Accounting / Finance, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Educate/Train/Teaching, Volunteer  
56482 Two Research and Training Assistants The Learning Institute organization 31-Jul-2016  Assistant, Research / Development, Social Work  
56481 Co-Enseignant en Français Toutes a l’ecole 29-Jul-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching  
56475 Receptionist Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) 27-Jul-2016  Admin / Supervisory, Communications  
56469 មន្រ្តីឥណទាន Bang Aek Credit Operator 12-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration  
56459 Stand By Radiographer International Organization for Migration (IOM) 2-Aug-2016  Other, Laboratory Work  
56446 National Call For Tender For The Award Of A One-Year Framework Agreement For Printing Material ACTED 5-Aug-2016  Invitation for Bids  
56441 Moving Multi-Purpose Farmers up the Value Chain - Call for Proposal World Renew 25-Jul-2016  Agriculture, Business Administration, Call for Proposals  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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