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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
41081 Call for Bids (Project Evaluation) Pour un Sourire d Enfant (PSE) 22-Aug-2014  Invitation for Bids  
41078 Organizational Development and Fundraising Advisor (Re-advertisement) STAR Kampuchea 13-Aug-2014  Execute. / Management, Advisory  
41074 Accountant (Urgently needed) Farmer Livelihood Development (FLD) 4-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance  
41064 Program Officer and General Program Officer Southeast Asia Development Programme 12-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management  
41061 Agriculture Livelihood Trainer Asian Outreach Cambodia (AOC) 8-Aug-2014  Agriculture  
41059 Driver CAVAC 5-Aug-2014  Driving/Transport  
41058 Beauty Teacher and Nail Bar Customer Service Assistant Mith Samlanh Organization 11-Aug-2014  Assistant, Customer Service/Support, Educate/Train/Teaching  
41048 Translator Orphanadge Infants del Món 28-Aug-2014  Translation / Interpretation  
41028 English Teachers Saving Children and Community Development Organization (SCCDO) 6-Aug-2014  Educate/Train/Teaching  
41026 Finance Officer Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC) 11-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance  
41020 Stakeholder Relations Officer CHILDREN S SURGICAL CENTRE (CSC) 1-Aug-2014  Business Administration, Communications  
41015 Project Officer Child Rights Foundation (CRF) 4-Aug-2014  Social Work, Resources & Environment  
41014 Data Entry Officer and Data Entry Officer Assistant Cambodian Health Committee (CHC) 11-Aug-2014  Computer - General, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming  
40996 ជំនួយការហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ (Finance Assistant)
Building Community Voices (BCV) 15-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance, Assistant  
40991 Business Training Association Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) 15-Aug-2014  Educate/Train/Teaching, Business Administration, Communications  
40985 Stream Officer and Safe-Migration Staff Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC) 11-Aug-2014  Educate/Train/Teaching, Community Development, Social Work  
40979 M & E Officer, Field Staff, Team Leader and Admin/Finance Staff Khmer Youth Association (KYA) 1-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance, Computer - General, Health/Medical, Business Administration, Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Work  
40974 Deputy Director of Human Resources & Organization Development SOS Children's Villages of Cambodia 24-Aug-2014  Execute. / Management, Capacity development, HR  
40972 Consultancy NGO Education Partnership (NEP) 1-Aug-2014  Consultancy  
40970 ទីប្រឹក្សា(Consultant) ដើម្បីផលិតផែនការយុទ្ធសាស្ត្រ(៥ឆ្នាំ)
SAMAKY 15-Aug-2014  Consultancy  
40969 DRR Field Officers (Urgent) Environmental Protection and Development Organization(EPDO) 7-Aug-2014  Agriculture, Rural development  
40965 Consultancy (Project Final Evaluation) Child Rights Foundation (CRF) 5-Aug-2014  Consultancy  
40950 Research & General Secretary Assistant Cambodian Labour Confederation (CLC) 9-Aug-2014  Business Administration, Communications  
40944 Project Team Leader Ponleur Kumar (PK) 4-Aug-2014  Agriculture, Health/Medical, Community Development  
40924 មន្ត្រីឥណទាន Sovann Phoum 4-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance  
40919 Restaurant Trainer Sala Bai Hotel & Restaurant School   Educate/Train/Teaching, Hotel/Restaurant  
40917 Empowerment Facilitator (Urgent) Ponleur Kumar (PK) 31-Jul-2014  Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management  
40914 Various Positions (Re-advertisement) Pour un Sourire d Enfant (PSE) 21-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance, Assistant, Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Home Help/Labour, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, Volunteer, HR  
40913 Admin & Finance Assistant Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency (CRRT) 5-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance, Assistant, Business Administration  
40901 Call for Proposals: Organizational and Program Evaluation Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM)   Call for Proposals  
40888 Survey Leader Foundation for International Development/Relief (FIDR) 5-Aug-2014  Health/Medical, Research / Development  
40880 Education Coordinator and Community Support Officer Stellar Child Care Organization 5-Aug-2014  Educate/Train/Teaching, Rural development, Social Work  
40877 Operation Manager and Assistant to Human Resource Manager Clear Cambodia 31-Jul-2014  Assistant, Execute. / Management, Capacity development, HR  
40876 Consultant and Community Facilitator Cambodian Children Against Starvation and Violence (CCASVA) 31-Jul-2014  Consultancy, Law, Community Development  
40875 M&E Officer UNOPS 4-Aug-2014  Monitoring & Evaluation  
40874 Community Development Facilitator PADEK 30-Jul-2014  Agriculture  
40866 Program Officer, District Officer, Project Account Assistant and Project Accountant WATHNAKPHEAP (WP) 11-Aug-2014  Accounting / Finance, Agriculture, Assistant, Execute. / Management, Health/Medical, Rural development, Community Development  
40862 External Consultant (Programming and Capacity Evaluation) Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency (CRRT) 31-Jul-2014  Consultancy, Monitoring & Evaluation  
40861 Consultancy to Facilitate a Strategic Planning and Training Workshop Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency (CRRT) 31-Jul-2014  Consultancy, Monitoring & Evaluation  
40859 Request for Expressions of Interest Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA)   Expression of Interest  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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